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Uniting Millennial Women in European Industry: A Team Project Meeting in Florence, Italy

In the heart of Florence, amidst the timeless beauty of its architecture and the echoes of its storied past, a team gathering took place. It wasn’t just a team meeting, it was a convergence of minds driven by a singular mission: to revolutionize the future of millennial women in European industry. Five partners and ten dedicated team members seized the opportunity to delve into the future endeavours of the ground breaking EMPOWERING project. Together, they embarked on the initial steps crucial for the seamless execution of planned activities across whole Europe by leading in five consortia countries: Macedonia, Italy, France, Norway, and Poland.

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EMPOWERING is no ordinary project; it’s a dynamic force that wants to shake up the future of millennial women in European industry. This initiative should transform the current landscape where women in the EU hold only 14% of senior positions in industry by empowering women leaders, technology experts and digital natives in a unique way.

Redefining Industry Tomorrow: At the heart of EMPOWERING lies a mission to reshape the landscape of tomorrow’s industry. Through cutting-edge approaches to professional training, development, career advancement, and opportunities, the project aims to stimulate the professional growth of millennial women across Europe. It’s a bold endeavour that matches the audacity of the women it seeks to empower.

Game-Changing Strategies: EMPOWERING introduces game-changing methods designed to propel women into leadership roles. With an online scenario game and the LearnHub platform, the project delivers high-quality training content on a European scale, blending webinars with face-to-face coaching sessions. It’s not just about imparting knowledge, it’s about creating an immersive experience that shapes the next generation of industry leaders.

Creating Lasting Impact: Beyond quick wins, EMPOWERING is focused on creating lasting change. By fostering the professional engagement and growth of millennial women in industry, the project is a catalyst for a future of lifelong learning—a future essential for the growth of the European Union and its industries.

From Local to Global: While rooted in Europe, EMPOWERING’s impact extends far beyond national borders. At a local and regional level, the project seeks to establish best practices, influencing performance systems and services in countries across the continent.

Partners as Agents of Change: Central to EMPOWERING’s success are its partners—driving forces committed to catalysing change. From France to Poland, each partner brings unique expertise and resources to the table, contributing to the project’s customizable training and coaching model.

  • IPRA/MEDEF Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France
  • Foundation for Management and Industrial Research (MIR), Macedonia
  • European Centre for Women in Technology (ECWT), Norway
  • Digital Creators Foundation, Poland
  • Confindustria Toscana Servizi (CTS), Italy

Join the Movement: As EMPOWERING gathers momentum, it invites you to be a part of the journey. Follow the project on LinkedIn and explore its webpage to learn more about how it’s reshaping the future for millennial women in European industry.

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EMPOWERING is not just a project—it’s a promise of empowerment and progress for generations to come.