Our work

Foundation for Management and Industrial Research is a private non-profit foundation established in 2002 with a mission to foster economic growth for the benefit of all.

The realization of the mission of the M.I.R. Foundation would be impossible without close cooperation with various local and foreign partners from the private and public sector. The M.I.R. Foundation is open to all types of cooperation if the activities are within its development strategy, has sufficient capacity and competencies, with partners who have similar

The mission of the Foundation is realized through activities based on the fundamental principles of sustainable development in the following areas: Economic Development, Research and Innovation, Environment, and Society.

Overall goals of the M.I.R. Foundation:

  • Supporting sustainable economic development and competitiveness
  • Contributing to increased employment and capacity building
  • Promoting social cohesion and well-being
  • Maintenance, protection and improvement of the environment

Specific goals of the M.I.R. Foundation

  • Contribution to the development of the SME sector in Macedonia
  • Encouraging and promoting innovation, advancing the innovation system and technology transfer
  • Encouraging the development of an entrepreneurial society
  • Encouraging lifelong learning, education and training as a basis for employment and economic development
  • Support and participation in research and development
  • Fight against social exclusion and discrimination in the labor market
  • Promoting gender equality and equality, integration and respect for diversity in society for all
  • Promotion of the use of intelligent energy, sustainable development and protection of the environment

MIR Foundation activities:

  • Initiation and implementation of projects in accordance with the mission
  • Business support and technology transfer services
  • Supporting local projects for innovation and development of new technologies
  • Information, consultation and influence on policy making
  • Participation in the development of innovative structures and programs at national and regional level
  • Development of modern educational methods and organization of practical courses and trainings
  • Participation in research activities for SMEs and other target groups
  • Environmental services
  • Participation in the promotion of energy efficiency and alternative energy sources
  • Building partnerships and networking locally and internationally