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The project “POLICY ANSWERS” provided policymakers and civil servants in Macedonia with policy design and coordination training

On April 12, 2023 training for policy makes and civil servants in Macedonia in policy design and coordination was held on zoom. The training was attended by a total of 18 representatives from 7 public institutions. This activity is placed in the frame of the targeted capacity building activities (Work Package 3 of the project) in Macedonia (Task 3.5) which is coordinated by the Foundation for Management and Industrial Research in Skopje (MIR) and Fund for Innovations and Technology Development of North Macedonia (FITD). The activity is being implemented as part of the Work Programme “Capacity Building and Implementation in Macedonia” developed on the basis of prior conducted needs assessment with an objective to strengthen the local efforts in the Western Balkans to support policy making and programme implementation of the “Western Balkans Agenda on Innovation, Research, Education, Culture, Youth and Sport”.

This training enabled the participants to:

– to become familiar with the basic concepts and definitions of public policy, the principles for creating public policies and the most used instruments;

– to consider the different steps/phases in the cycle of public policies;

– to discuss the stakeholders/actors involved in the process in their specific sectors (research, education, culture, youth, and sport);

– to become familiar with the process of creating public policies in the national context and the alignment of policies with strategic and fiscal planning, key national acts and European legislation;

– to work on specific examples where they will use the acquired theoretical knowledge in practice and connect it to their daily work activities, in order to perceive the useful value and applicability of the training.

The training provided participants with theoretical knowledge while also allowing them to work in groups and reflect on the expertise available in this field.

The event was organized by the Foundation for Management and Industrial Research and the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development as part of the “POLICY ANSWERS” project funded under the Horizon Europe program of the European Commission. Through the implementation of the activities of this project, MIR Foundation and FITR are taking a leading role in the promotion of the national and regional innovation ecosystem, with the aim of including national stakeholders in the common European market.

The project supports political dialogue, including formal meetings, monitoring and agenda setting, capacity building and implementation of the EU agenda for the Western Balkans, as well as alignment of thematic priorities. It will implement regional pilot activities and upgrade the information center based on the platform. 14 partner organisations, representing network nodes in the region and EU expert organisations, support policy dialogue through ministerial meetings, Steering Platform meetings and ad hoc policy meetings. They provide analytical evidence through monitoring and mapping activities (of the stakeholder ecosystem, implementation of the Western Balkans agenda and integration into the European Research Area).