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The National Platform for Women Entrepreneurship project enabled representatives from civil society organizations working in the field of women’s entrepreneurship, employees of municipalities and councilors from local councils in Macedonia to participate in a study visit in Malmö, Sweden

From October 17-19, 2023, in the organization of the project National Platform for Women Entrepreneurship – NPWE, co-financed by the European Union, a study visit was held in Malmö, Sweden for representatives of civil society organizations working in the field of women’s entrepreneurship, employees of Municipalities and Councils from local councils in Macedonia.

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Emilija Andonova, Program Coordinator from the Foundation for Management and Industrial Research and Coordinator for Capacity Building at NPWE and Valentina Disoska, President of the Association of Business Women and NPWE Platform led 10 representatives from: Municipality Council in Kumanovo, Skopje and Ohrid, Zelenikovo Municipality, Novaci, Berovo, Kratovo, Kočani, Association for Gender Equality VIZIA from Kavadarci and Citizens’ Association ISCHEKOR – Society for All from Valandovo on a study visit to Malmö and had the opportunity to see in action the synergies between the role of women in the economy and innovation, sharing of knowledge and good practices. Considering the background of the participants in the programs that promote women entrepreneurship, they had the opportunity to work and learn more about the programs, initiatives and opportunities that were mentioned in the domain of their work.

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The study visit gave the participants the opportunity to meet with various local, national and European stakeholders in the field of women’s entrepreneurship such as: International Women’s Organization in Malmo ( and LEVEL incubator (www.levelmalmo .se/). As part of the rich agenda, the work of the National Platform for Women Entrepreneurship was presented, good practices and projects that were successfully implemented by the host organizations in Malmö were presented.

This visit was designed as a team-building activity, with the aim of contributing to a better exchange of information, co-design practices and creating stronger connections between people who carry the actual workload of specific activities in the field of women’s entrepreneurship.

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Peer-to-peer coaching and learning were particularly favoured, given that more stakeholders during the consultation meetings highlighted problems with inappropriate career development practices in the work sector. The importance of established peer-to-peer institutional support networks for their day-to-day activities was also highlighted. This event not only enabled meaningful conversation about the challenges facing women’s entrepreneurship, but also fostered ideas and innovations that will benefit the entire community.

We are extremely grateful to all participants and speakers who shared their experiences and knowledge. Their engagement and the ideas they shared will be an important guide for future initiatives. Through the implementation of these activities, the National Platform assumes a leading role in the advancement of the national and regional ecosystem, with the aim of including national actors in the common European market.