Driving Sustainability and Innovation: Recap of the Sector Group Textiles meeting part of the Enterprise Europe Network in Copenhagen

From April 22 to April 24, 2024, Copenhagen played host to a pivotal gathering of textile industry leaders as part of the Sector Group Textiles (SGT) meeting within the Enterprise Europe Network. Held at various locations across the city, the meeting brought together stakeholders from across Europe to explore the latest trends, innovations, and opportunities in the textile sector.

The meeting kicked off at the Life Style and Design Cluster Bloxhub, where attendees were welcomed by Federica Leonetti, Chair of the Sector Group Textiles. Leonetti provided insights into the role of the Enterprise Europe Network and the objectives of the SGT, setting the stage for discussions on innovation and collaboration. Lukas Eedes from Creative Denmark and Betina Simonsen from the Life Style and Design Cluster highlighted Denmark’s vibrant creative ecosystem and its focus on sustainability in design, furniture, and fashion.

The session featured presentations from innovative companies shaping the future of textiles. Thomas Oestergaard introduced Create 2 Stay, a platform facilitating the resale of products integrated into brand universes. Emilie Seegert showcased The Hub | CAPSULE ApS platform, designed to optimize wardrobe management and reduce waste. Drita Memisi presented CEO LESS, a rental platform offering sustainable fashion solutions.

The main meeting day took place at Hotel Scandic, where participants gathered to discuss the latest developments in the textile industry. The agenda covered a range of topics including updates from SGT members, planned events for 2024, and working group discussions on communication, sustainability, and smart textiles.

A highlight of the meeting was the online connection with representatives from European institutions. DG GROW provided updates on textile policy development, while EISMEA offered insights into upcoming opportunities for the textile sector. These interactions underscored the importance of collaboration between industry stakeholders and policymakers in driving positive change.

The afternoon session featured engaging presentations from industry innovators Milan Flíček and Trine Young, showcasing cutting-edge designs and sustainable production practices. Attendees were inspired by their commitment to driving change within the industry. The day concluded with a wrap-up from Federica Leonetti, expressing gratitude to all participants for their contributions and insights.

The final day of the meeting took place at the Loop Forum, where attendees had the chance to participate in various conferences and meet with companies driving innovation in the textile sector. Presentations from companies such as ORNLI, Re-Sound, and Jou Quilts highlighted the importance of sustainable production practices and circular economy principles.

As the meeting drew to a close, participants departed with renewed inspiration and a deeper understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing the textile industry. The Enterprise Europe Network Textiles Meeting in Copenhagen served as a catalyst for collaboration and innovation, reinforcing the sector’s commitment to driving positive change towards a more sustainable future.

In conclusion, the Sector Group Textiles meeting in Copenhagen was not just a gathering of industry professionals but a testament to the collective effort to shape the future of textiles. With renewed energy and purpose, attendees departed, ready to continue the journey towards a more sustainable and innovative textile industry.

Emilija Andonova, a project manager at the Foundation for Management and Industrial Research, serves as a valued member of the Sector Group Textiles. With her expertise, she bridges the gap between our country’s textile industry and the broader network, ensuring that all trends and developments are effectively communicated. Moreover, Emilija facilitates valuable networking opportunities for our clients, fostering connections and collaborations within the sector.