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[av_dropcap2]W[/av_dropcap2]e foster social cohesion through social entrepreneurship, initiatives for increased employment and education after compulsory schooling.

Social cohesion is one of the bases of economic development and sustainable growth. Combating discrimination and social exclusion on the labour market, implementation of initiatives for increased employment and education after compulsory schooling is high on our policy agenda. We focus on:

–          Combating social exclusion and discrimination on the labour market

–          Promoting gender equality, integration and diversity in a society for all


We implement projects and research studies for increased social inclusion in the society at all, with particular focus on labour market, business sector and access to skills and education. Our activities focus on:

–          Development of social entrepreneurship in the country

–          Inclusion of less represented groups on the labour market

–          Training programmes for unemployed persons

–          Improvement of skills of different target groups including youth, women, adults and people with disability.


[av_dropcap2]W[/av_dropcap2]e cooperate with local authorities and other stakeholders for development and implementation of local development plans. We utilise our technical expertise in design and implementation of TNA and support measures for economic development. Together with our partners we work on:

–          Labour market surveys & LMA

–          Local employment plans, including labour market measures

–          Establishing socio-education centres

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