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About Us


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Foundation for Management and Industrial Research is a private non-profit foundation established in 2002 with a mission to foster economic growth for the benefit of all. The concept of sustainable development
with its economic, environmental and social dimensions is fundamental to the achievement of our mission.
We work in partnership with Macedonian enterprises to help them start, grow, innovate and win export sales and technology transfer on global markets. In this way, we support sustainable economic growth, regional development and secure employment.
We aim to transform knowledge and innovation for increased competitiveness and benefiting society.
We promote eco-innovations and turn environmental challenges into business opportunities.
We innovate and research so the business and society can grow.

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We strive to make a real difference to the country’s economic performance by supporting existing businesses and encouraging the growth of new businesses.
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We support research and technological development. We contribute to the long term economic growth through encouraging and promoting innovation and technology transfer.
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We support green economy through eco-innovations, environmental services for addressing environmental challenges and environmental protection through energy efficient products and practices
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We support social entrepreneurship and initiatives for increased employment and education after compulsory schooling. 



What are We doing…


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 We strive to make a real difference to the country’s economic performance by supporting existing businesses and encouraging the growth of new businesses. With our internationalisation support services, entrepreneurship and vocational training programmes, we aim to:

–          Contribute to the development of the Macedonian SME sector

–          Support the development of an entrepreneurial society

Foster lifelong learning, education and training as basis for employment and economic progress
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Long term economic growth needs investment in technology, research and innovation. To achieve this we have developed research & innovation concepts that aim to:

–          Encourage and promote innovation and technology transfer

–          Support research and technological development

–          Improve innovation system and programmes, nationally and regionally
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Environmental protection is one of the greatest challenges facing the world today. Promoting sustainable environmental development and intelligent energy use is one of our goals. We support green economy through:

–          Eco-innovations for generating business opportunities

–          Environmental services for addressing environmental challenges

–          Environmental protection through energy efficient products and practices
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Smiling Group of Professionals


Social cohesion is one of the bases of economic development and sustainable growth. Social inclusion and social entrepreneurship as well as implementation of initiatives for increased employment and education after compulsory schooling is high on our policy agenda. We focus on:

–          Combating social exclusion and discrimination on the labour market

–          Promoting gender equality, integration and diversity in a society for all

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P.O.Box 776
1001 Skopje Macedonia
+ 389 2 3108 891