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[av_dropcap2]W[/av_dropcap2]e strive to make a real difference to the country’s economic performance by supporting existing businesses and encouraging the growth of new businesses. With our support services, entrepreneurship and vocational training programmes, we aim to:

–          Contribute to the development of the Macedonian SME sector

–          Support the development of an entrepreneurial society

–          Foster lifelong learning, education and training as basis for employment and economic progress

We initiate projects and provide advisory services for improving industrial performance and competitiveness of the Macedonian SME sector, the largest provider of employment and the backbone of the national economy. The development of the SME sector depends largely on the individuals who have ideas and are ready to take risk. We aim to support the development of the entrepreneurial society through fostering the creation of entrepreneurial culture and mindset among different societal groups. By blending business training and practical courses we promote informal learning as one of the drivers of the economic growth.


[av_dropcap2]F[/av_dropcap2]oundation for Management and Industrial Research offers advice and support to companies for increased productivity and competitiveness. For existing and aspiring exporters, we provide information and assistance for growth through winning international sales.

  • Management – Strategy & advice

We provide advice, specialist expertise and connections for companies to develop and implement their development plans. We do this by providing access to internal advisers and external advisers and specialists drawn from the private sector in Macedonia and abroad.

  • Productivity – Building competitiveness

We work with companies in identifying and measuring competitiveness issues, introducing best practices and access to a range of competitiveness building tools, including lean & operations management tools.

  • Export assistance – Information & advice

We are committed to facilitating the development of a strong exporting sector by offering flexible solutions to companies’ needs. Our internationalisation support services include: risk check for exporters, market research, international business partnering, and trade events and missions.


[av_dropcap2]O[/av_dropcap2]ur entrepreneurship programme aims to support the creation and growth of start-up companies, encourage women and youth entrepreneurship, and increase the entrepreneurial activity in the country. The programme provides a package of supports to help acceleration of the start-ups business development and to equip entrepreneurs with the skills and contacts needed to successfully start and grow their business.

  • Start a business programme

Our team provides hands-on support and advice to entrepreneurs that have an idea for innovative product, service or technology, with a potential to achieve international sales and create employment.

  • Business incubation programme

We provide assistance to young entrepreneurs with innovative IT ideas to start and grow their own business through our business incubator.

  • Mentoring programme

Mentoring assistance is available to young entrepreneurs interested in improving their knowledge and skills. Over 30 mentors, reputable business people and experts from Macedonia and abroad, can assist entrepreneurs in different business areas.

  • Women entrepreneurs – tailored start-up support

Addressing the under representation of female-led businesses that start a business and achieve considerable scale, requires a tailored, focused approach in terms of support, personal development and networking opportunities.


[av_dropcap2]F[/av_dropcap2]oundation for Management and Industrial Research offers customized training courses for business and management development in order to equip companies and entrepreneurs with the tools and techniques to operate more effectively, and to achieve real business results in domestic and international markets. We provide:

–          Customised management training programmes for increased productivity and innovativeness

–          Customised sales trainings for improved international sales skills and performance

–          ‘Starting a business’ training course for aspiring entrepreneurs

–          Training courses on specific topics such as environment, intelligent energy and energy efficiency, IT skills, intellectual property rights, and project cycle management



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