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Foundation for Management and Industrial Research in the scope of the EIICM project and supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Macedonia, has prepared the brochure for the Macedonian export oriented compaanies named as Risk Check for Exporters.

The world market is opening, borders are being erased and the free movement of goods, services, capital and ideas has brought together the different economies like never before. This brings the foreign trade closer to the entrepreneurs and makes it more feasible for the companies of all sizes.

Compared to the domestic market sale the export is more complicated and unpredictable attempt, where the consequences from inadequate investing can be quite bigger. Therefore, the enterprises being in an early export phase as well as the enterprises aiming to increase the foreign trade are recommended to acknowledge and analyse further the related risks and insecurities in order to plan better.

The brochure Risk Check for Exporters is prepared with a purpose of supporting the export oriented enterprises and to secure a comprehensive overview of the critical points related to export activities (and partially the import activities).

The brochure Risk Check for Exporters contains general information for every elaborated topic for better understanding the subject prior assessing the related risks. The risk check should be conducted using the check list provided at the end of each topic. The analysis of the provided answers will indicate whether the priorities set for the chosen market are well identified or need to be modified. The analysis will also provide a basis for creation of an action plan that can be used internally by the enterprises


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