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Foundation for Management and Industrial Research in the scope of the EIICM project has prepared  the leaflet for the Macedonian companies and entities working in the area of Energy named as Intelligent Energy in Europe.

The aim of this publication is to provide an overview of European programmes and other initiatives for support of building partnerships, expertises and research activities in the area of energy and energy efficiency.

The European programmes supporting Energy projects that are of interest and available for Macedonian companies involves the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP) and 7th Framework Programme (FP7) for research and technical development (RTD).

The CIP sub-programme named as Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) although not yet available for Macedonian entities is of particular interest due to the broad range of activities supported and possibility for its opening for Macedonian companies in the near future.

The FP7 programme supports different RTD project and is fully accessible for different research oriented organisations from the country.

Other relevant initiatives involve small funds for workshops, funding of building trans-national networks, exchanges of experiences etc. In addition, information on two useful portals for energy organisations (BUILD UP and Managenergy) is provided as well. The later gives the energy related professionals comprehensive overview of practices, policies and all programmes in the field of Energy at European level as well as information on possible trainings for energy managers.

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