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SFA pilot study project was implemented by Foundation for Management and Industrial Research, /SINTEF together with the Institute of Special Education and Rehabilitation (“Ss Cyril and Methodius” University – Skopje) and Polio Plus.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of R. Macedonia and the Agency for protective companies contributed to the project development and implementation of the project. FOSIM (Foundation Open Society in Macedonia) and SINTEF Health Research supported the project financially.

The overall objective was to contribute to the social inclusion and participation of people with disabilities in local communities in Macedonia.

The expected impact of this pilot study was that it will give research based understanding of the conditions among employees with disabilities in Macedonia. The documentation/results from the pilot study contributed with important input to further research and actions on employment for people with disabilities in Macedonia.

Specific objective was to raise awareness on the importance of connection between academia, NGOs and working together for capacity building in the improvement of right and conditions for the disabled people in the work place.

Results of the pilot study were published in the Report Workplaces for all a pilot study on employment and working conditions for people with disabilities in Macedonia.


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