Have your Say in Europe

Business Consultation and SME Feedback Service

With the help of European Information and Innovation Centre (EIICM) as part of Enterprise Europe Network, Macedonian businesses can now become involved in the European policy making process through the Business Consultation and Feedback service. BUSINESS PANELS EIICM will host a series of business consultation panels which will enable businesses to make their voice heard in Europe and to express their opinion.  Our findings will be submitted to the European Commission to monitor how EU legislation affects Macedonian companies and will contribute to the overall improvement of the policy making efforts at European level. SME FEEDBACK ACTIVITIES Are EU rules causing you difficulties? •    Do you have trouble complying with complicated European directives? •    Is your business facing problems trying to enter new European markets? •    Do you have a question relating to European procedures which you cannot find the answer  to? •    Is European legislation, or the lack of it, making it more difficult for your business to operate successfully within the European Single Market?Businessman leaning on desk, explaining to four colleagues sitting. EIICM brings your issues to the European Commission’s attention and can refer your enquiry to  Interactive Policy Making (IPM) Initiative. The EIICM team is at your disposal with all information concerning the services for obtaining feedback to the EU policy makers. Enterprise Europe Network and the European Commission will not share data with third parties for direct marketing. Immediately after the submission, your replies are recorded in a secured and protected database hosted by the data centre of the European Commission.